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Worcestershire Masonic Charity Organisation


The Charities:


The Masonic Charitable Foundation builds better lives by enabling opportunity, advancing healthcare and education and promoting independence for Freemasons, their families and the wider community.

Funded entirely through the generosity of Freemasons and their families, the Masonic Charitable Foundation is one of the largest grant-making charities in the country. A wide range of help and support is available for Freemasons, their wives, partners, widows, children and grandchildren. Most of the support provided takes the form of financial grants to assist with financial, health or family related needs.




Lifelites provides fun and educational technology to the 9,000 children who stay, play and learn in all 49 baby and children’s hospices throughout the British Isles. Through the power of specialist technology and high tech entertainments, Lifelites is the only charity striving to give children in hospices the chance to spend quality time with their families, the means to keep in contact with their school and friends, and simply to enjoy themselves away from the constant reality of their illness.


Acorns has helped more than 1200 families in the past 14 years. Acorns care for children who are life-limited - that is unlikely to reach adulthood - and offer support to their families.
Acorns offer respite, emergency and terminal care at their hospices and round the clock support at home through their community team. The team also run support groups for family members. We support The Worcester Hospice


The object of the COUNTY AIR AMBULANCE Charity is to use the income raised for any purpose relating to the National Health Service wholly or mainly for the services provided by the County Air Ambulance. The income to achieve this is, in the main, donations from numerous benefactors and many support groups locally who provide assistance. This work is co-ordinated by its Charity HQ.

Teddy Loving Care (TLC)

TLC provides for small Teddy bears to be given by Accident and Emergency Medical staff to distressed children in the A.& E. unit. Freemasons provide the Teddy bears to local hospitals and more than 350,000 Teddy bears have already been distributed in the UK.

Province of Worcestershire Masonic Charity Organisation

R. W. Bro. Robert  Vaughan, Provincial Grand Master

Registered Charity No: 210408

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