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What is a Lodge?

The term Lodge has two meanings for Freemasons. It is both a place where Masonic meetings are held, and a collective term for the members who meet there.

Of the various officers of the lodge, some are obligatory while others are optional. Those that Lodges have to consist of, are a Master, a Senior Warden, a Junior Warden, a Treasurer, a Secretary, an Almoner, a Charity Steward, a Senior Deacon, a Junior Deacon, and Inner Guard and a Tyler. The optional officers are a Chaplain, a Director of Ceremonies, an Assistant Director of Ceremonies, an Organist, an Assistant Secretary and a Steward or Stewards.

The appointment of all officers, except the Master and Treasurer (who are elected by ballot), and the Tyler, (who is elected if he is not a member of the lodge) is in the sole discretion of the Master.



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