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We pause in our labours to pay our tribute to our departed Brethren who have passed from the cares and troubles of this transitory existence into the Celestial Lodge above. We approach this solemn occasion in a spirit of reverence and solemnity, our hearts heavy with the awareness that never again in this mortal life shall we experience the warm spirit of friendship and brotherhood that these, our deceased Brethren, extended to us, but secure in the knowledge that they live eternally in the Grand Lodge above.

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Salutation Initials Surname Lodge/Chapter Datesort ascending
W Bro J C Gorton Catshill Lodge No. 8584 2015-08-17
W Bro J A Taft Royal Standard Lodge No. 498 2015-08-13
W Bro G Barnsley Francis Davies Lodge No. 5035 2015-08-04
W Bro J H Lewis Lodge of the Mystic Quest No. 3873 2015-08-02
Bro B Thompson Abbot Lichfield Lodge No. 3308 2015-07-25
W Bro K E Fisher Old Dudleian Lodge No. 6734 2015-07-24
E.Comp P S J Croft Campbell R.A. Chapter, No. 3643 2015-07-18
Bro W Arris Lodge of Hospitality No. 8325 2015-07-09
W Bro G C Gray Page Lodge No. 3378 2015-07-04
Bro G Trueman Sabrina Lodge No. 6595 2015-06-29
Bro G R Fazey Harmonic Lodge No. 252 2015-06-24
W Bro G G Smith Lodge of St. Thomas No. 7940 2015-06-16
W Bro I Barton Lodge of Bon Accord No. 4935 2015-06-10
W Bro K M Marsden Lodge of St. Oswald No. 5094 2015-06-08
W Bro J H Bond Stechford Lodge No. 3185 2015-05-27
Bro B A Smith Lodge of St. John in Bedwardine No. 7458 2015-05-21
W Bro P A Heynes St. Kenelm Lodge No. 6082 2015-05-02
Bro N Taylor Elgar Lodge No. 9254 2015-04-15
W Bro D D Hayward Lodge of the Round Table No. 7961 2015-04-02
W Bro A Thompson Severn R.A. Chapter, No. 5583 2015-04-02


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