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Orator's Welcome

Welcome to the Provincial Orators blog.

Let me take this opportunity to thank W.Bro. Jeremy Malin for all the hard work he has put into this   position over the past Eight years.  It will be a hard act to follow.

So what is the Orators job? It seems to have evolved over the years since Grand Lodge introduced the Office, but the main reason remains; to get the brethren talking about “Their Freemasonry”, what it means to them, and what it teaches them about themselves and their relationship to their brethren and their Supreme Being.

And the best way to do this is with a talk!

Whilst I am no stranger to delivering the odd chat or two at Lodge and Chapter meetings, over the past two years the Province of Worcestershire has held the very successful Lecture Competition, and a veritable goldmine of original talks has been uncovered. The brethren of the Province have taken the call for an interesting paper to heart and delivered!

So if you did not get the chance to attend the three venues across the Province that hosted the talks, and your Lodge is looking for a speaker, then look no further.

Below are listed the Competition entrants and their titles of their papers. Please contact them directly and discuss the dates you were looking to fill.

If your Lodge is planning something special, or have a need for a talk that is not covered by our Lecturers please contact me and we can discuss the requirements.

Presently I am delivering talks about the “Three Degrees of Masonry” and what they mean, “A Specific Look at the Third Degree”, and “Royal Arch Secrets” for the Chapter.

I am very keen to simplify the meanings of that sentence we all learn at an early stage in our Masonic Career - “A peculiar system of Morality, Veiled in Allegory, and Illustrated by Symbols”. If we do not teach our newer brethren the meaning of what they are learning, how can they hope to deliver that ritual in a meaningful manner.

Kerry Parkes
07882 180883

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