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Lodge Mentor's Annual Return

The Provincial Grand Lodge of Worcestershire requests that every Lodge submit a Lodge Mentor’s Annual Return with its Provincial Annual Return.

The purpose of the Lodge Mentor’s Annual Return is to provide the Provincial Grand Mentor with feedback concerning the progress of those who are being mentored, together with any comments that may assist him in his work. The Provincial Grand Mentor will collate this information and provide the Provincial Grand Master with an annual report detailing the state of mentoring in his Province. In collating this information, the Provincial Grand Mentor may identify Lodges that require his assistance and support; he is also likely to identify good practice that will be shared for the benefit of others.

On the return, a Lodge Mentor is asked to provide the following information concerning every brother who has been a Freemason for five years or less:

  • full name;
  • year of initiation;
  • full name of Personal Mentor;
  • details of his progress, with a focus on his interest and level of participation.

The return may be printed and completed by hand; alternatively, as it is made available as a Microsoft Word document, it may be completed electronically and printed before submission, or forwarded to the Provincial Grand Mentor by email.

The Lodge Mentor’s Annual Return is a very important document and will be treated in the strictest confidence.

The Lodge Mentor's Annual Return templates are published in the Mentoring Archive.

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