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Mentoring Ritual

Installation Meeting

As described in Rule 104(a) Book of Constitutions, Mentor is now an additional office within a Lodge, together with Almoner, Charity Steward, Chaplain, Director of Ceremonies, Organist, Assistant Secretary and Steward. Every newly-installed Master is therefore able to appoint and invest a Mentor on the occasion of his installation. It is important to note that no brother can hold more than one regular office (Master, Warden, Treasurer, Secretary, Deacon, Inner Guard, Tyler) in the Lodge at one and the same time, but the Master may appoint a brother who is holding a regular office to one additional office also. Rule 104(d) states that the Lodge Mentor shall take precedence for investiture between Charity Steward and Senior Deacon.

As the office has been newly created, there is no formal ritual associated with the investiture of a Mentor. However, to demonstrate a Lodge's commitment to mentoring and raise the profile of its Mentor, the following words may be used, which were recommended by the Pro Grand Master's Working Party on Mentoring.

Bro. ..., I appoint you Mentor of the Lodge, and invest you with the collar and jewel of your office which is two chisels in saltire. It is your duty to promote the Masonic development of the brethren within this Lodge by appointing a more experienced brother to guide and support both new Masons, and those taking office, as their Personal Mentor. By doing this you will help to lay that solid foundation which is an essential part in helping them to understand and enjoy their Freemasonry. In taking this office you are accepting a great responsibility and I have every confidence that you will perform your duties to the utmost of your ability, not only for the benefit of the brethren of this Lodge, but of Freemasonry in general.

We hope all Masters will use these words when investing their Lodge Mentors.

Introduction of the Candidate to his Personal Mentor

Having received the Charge after Initiation, the Master of a Lodge may formally introduce a candidate to his Personal Mentor using the following words.

Bro. ..., that concludes the ceremony of your initiation into Freemasonry. Welcome to the worldwide fraternity of Freemasons and into this Lodge in particular. As was explained in the ceremony, you are now expected to make a daily advancement in Masonic knowledge. To help you to do this, we have asked Bro. ... to act as your guide and mentor. He will explain to you and help you to understand the symbols and teachings set out in the recent ceremony and also in the ceremonies to follow. He will also explain the traditions and history of this ancient institution. Both your Personal Mentor and Bro. ..., the Lodge Mentor, are available to answer any questions that you may have.

The Master may then shake the candidate by the hand, before he and his Personal Mentor are shown to their seats. It is advisable for the Personal Mentor to sit with his mentee for the remainder of the meeting.

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