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Training and Education Team - News

Training and Education (T&E) programmes to assist Lodge Mentors will provide access to events and resources to aid interest, understanding and enjoyment.  

The T & E Team headed by, Asst.PGM W. Bro. Stephen Wyer will bring together the activities of the: ProvGMentor; ProvGOrator; Stewards Demonstration Team; The Study Circle; and, the Library and Museum.

Regular Newsletters will shortly commence and offer a variety of resources and talks free to Lodges via a link on the Provincial Website.

For more information contact a member of the Provincial Training & Education Team:

Colin Young -  

Paul Wong - 

Derek Owen -                            

Martin Lawrence -

Chris Overall -

A Seminar for Lodge Mentors at 7.30 pm on Wednesday 30th November at Kidderminster Masonic Centre will outline new developments and provide an introduction to the subject for those who are new to office. All Lodge Mentors registered with the ProvGMentor ( and Provincial Office will receive an invitation (please register now if you haven't already). In addition to Lodge Mentors, Personal Mentors and anyone with an interest in mentoring is welcome to attend.



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