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Queen’s Award - for Fast Aiders

The Fast Aid Community First Responders team, who for the past three years have held regular training sessions to use the defibrillator at Kings Heath Masonic Hall, have been granted,  the Queen's Award for Voluntary Service - the MBE for Voluntray Groups

The award will be presented at Solihull Council House on Monday October 17, when the Province be represented by Trevor Barnes, who has arrange the training sessions; Chris Firminger, Provincial Charity Steward, and Brian Fiddaman.

As a result of their effort, now every Lodge that meets at Kings Heath has two members who have been trained how to use the defibrillator.

Brian Fiddaman said, “It has taken time but been good fun and we are grateful to the local members of Fast Aid team led by Terry Flower for all the time they have given to our members.”

A number of Lodges have made donations that have helped towards the purchase of new equipment by Fast Aid.


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