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Provincial Lecture Competition (Part 3) - and - THE RESULTS

The final four entrants bring to a conclusion the Province’s first ever Lecture Competition in the third Round of the Competition, at Redditch Masonic Centre, on Wednesday 10 February.

Once again there was an increase in attendance indicating the popularity of the competition.

First to speak: W. Bro. Alex Sinton, Sabrina Lodge, No. 6596.

Rising from the terraces at the ‘Stretford Road End’ contrasted and compared the origins and similarities of Association Football and Freemasonry.

Then W. Bro. Alan Workman, Unity Lodge No.5812.

Drawing on the Regis Manuscript, regarded by some as the oldest Masonic Book, identified much of the behavioural guidance recognisable in the formation of the Guilds and the Constitution of Freemasonry.

W. Bro. Stuart Cameron, Sabrina Lodge No.6596.

Challenged the audience to consider their progress in Masonry, not just by their ritual prowess but by their application of those early  virtues evident in their initiation. 

Reluctant to be last W. Bro. David Emery, Holy Wells Lodge No.7932.

Delivered a colourful account full of humour and agony as he retold the experiences of a Provincial ADC.


From the eleven competitors over the three evenings the Judges: R.W. Bro. Robert Vaughan, W. Bro. Jeremy Mallin and W. Bro. Mark Lodge had no easy task to settle the results.

Talk during the interval awaiting the verdict suggested many joint favourites. How to decide, perhaps in the words of the Competition Organiser, the three ‘E’s:


Entertain; and,


to which the last speaker added a fourth, –  Enjoy.  We did!


The 2 Joint Winners of the Non-Installed Master category, and their talks, were:

Bro. David Rushforth of Severn Lodge, No. 5583 –

‘The Initiation Ceremony and its Culmination in the Charge after Initiation’; and,

Bro. Glen Collins of Old Carolian Lodge, No. 7599 – ‘The Initiates' Lights.’

The winner of the Installed Master category was:

W. Bro. Alex Sinton of Sabrina Lodge, No. 6595 –

‘Do I have to wear sky blue? I am a Manchester United Fan!’


W. Bro. Jeremy Mallin, Prov. Grand Orator and Competition Organiser speaking of the contestants:

”We would all like to hear your talks again. We would encourage other Brethren and Lodges to hear them and we very much hope that you will each wish to continue your obvious skills as a Masonic speaker.”

R.W. Bro. Robert Vaughan, PGM, at the conclusion of the prize giving said:

”Many thanks and congratulations to everyone involved in the competition. Put simply, the three evenings were amongst the most enjoyable masonic occasions that I have spent for a long time and a credit to all the speakers, to Jeremy and Mark and to the many Brethren who came along to support.

I certainly hope that there will be plenty of opportunities for the competitors to entertain other Lodges and Chapters, and perhaps, where appropriate, at recruitment events in the coming months. I especially hope that this won't have been a one off event and that we can do the same again next year.”



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