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Provincial Lecture Competition - Final set of lectures

The last in the 2018 series of Lectures attracted an attentive audience at Stourport on Thursday 29 March

  • Glen Collins - Benjamin Franklin - a tale of three countries
  • Barry Benge - W.Bro W T Page, an extraordinary Mason
  • Peter Ricketts - Richard Eve, a most remarkable Worcestershire Mason.
  • Damon Lord - The forgotten Second Degree
  • Ernie Roberts - Early Masonic Musings
  • Robert Johnson - An explanation of Masonic symbolism.

The speakers offered a diverse range of interest, each rewarded with spontaneous applause for their research and delivery.

The PGM congratulated the contestants and the Provincial Grand Orator W Bro Kerry Parkes for the organisation.

However, the name of the winner of the 2018 Competition is still a secret, so watch this space! 

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