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Provincial Lecture Competion (Part 2) - Four lectures to go

Four more entrants in the Province’s first ever Lecture Competition presented their works in the second of three sessions, this one at Kidderminster, on Wednesday 3rd February, and again there was plenty of support from interested Brethren.

First off was W.Bro. Peter Ricketts, Past Master of the Lodge of Hope and Charity, No. 377. He ploughed his way entertainingly through his lodge’s first ever minute book with a first entry dated 26 January 1824.

Next was W. Bro. Robert Johnson, newly installed WM of the Lodge of Bon Accord, No. 4935.  His subject was The Preparation of King Solomon's Temple and he came up with some astounding possibilities like the temple could have been overladen with 2 per cent of the world’s gold – billions of pounds’ worth.

Finally came two non-installed masons:

Bro. David Rushforth, of Severn Lodge, No. 5583, who gave new meaning to the Charge after Initiation; and,

Bro. Glen Collins, of Old Carolian Lodge, No. 7599, who traced an Initiate’s symbolic journey from Darkness into Light.

The final session, after which the results will be announced,  is at Redditch next Wednesday, February 10, and  all Brethren who wish to attend will be welcome. No need to book. Dress is smart casual and the bar will be open!

Lectures will be delivered by:-                                                      

W. Bro. Alex Sinton, Sabrina Lodge, No. 6595 – “Do I have to wear sky blue? I am a Manchester United fan.”

W. Bro.  Alan Workman, Unity Lodge, No. 5812 – “The Regus Manuscript and Craft Guilds.”

W. Bro. Stuart Cameron, Sabrina Lodge, No.6595 – “Progress in Masonry.”

W. Bro. David Emery, Hagley and Holy Wells Lodge, No. 7932 - "The Best Job in The Province? The Life of a Provincial Assistant Grand Director Of Ceremonies".


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