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Provincial Chapter of Demonstration.

The Worcestershire Provincial Grand Chapter of Improvement will be joining Wigornia Chapter, No.4935, on 29th November 2016,  meeting Kings Heath Masonic Centre, and will demonstrate the Ceremony of Exaltation.

The Officers of the evening will be the acting Provincial Officers of the year, with:

·         Ex. Comp Jeremy Mallin, acting as ‘Z’ ;

·         Ex. Comp. John Yeates acting as ‘H’; and,

·         Ex. Comp. Ian Fothergill acting as ‘J’

The Chapter will Open at 6.00pm and the cost of the Festive Board is £20.

Please contact Prov.GDC: Tim Jones 07815 167206


Scribe E. of the Wigornia Chapter, No. 4935: Cliff Johnson 0121 707 0130


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