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An extra string to your Masonic bow! - Rose Croix

Why join?

Well, like the Craft order, this Degree offers a truly colourful ceremony which seeks the Perfection of Christian virtues in Faith, Hope and Charity. Its teachings are immensely thought provoking and instil extra warmth of brotherly love as you enjoy the company of like-minded brethren.

It is also the only route to the 33rd degree.

  • The 1st-3rd degrees are obtained as a Master Mason (the only qualification for joining Rose Croix).
  • The 4th-17th degrees, called the intermediate degrees to Perfection, are conferred on entry into Rose Croix.
  • The candidate’s ceremony is the 18th degree and the 19th-30th degrees are obtained after taking the Chair. 

For details of venues and meeting dates visit:

If you are interested, please get in touch with the District Recorder,                           

Ill Bro John Phenix 30°, email:


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