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“Talking Heads” Presentations

"Talking Heads" for the first quarter of 2018 have been planned as follows:

Tuesday 16th January ~ Vernon Lodge, Stourport. Sec: 01299 826667

Monday 12th February ~ Masefield Lodge ~ Kings Heath. Sec: 01564 200151

Thursday 22nd February ~ Hagley & Holy Wells Lodge ~ Halesowen. Sec:0121 709 4481

Monday 12th March ~ Avon Lodge ~ Evesham. Sec: 01386 47046

Monday 26th March ~ Remembrance Lodge ~ Kings Heath. Sec: 0121 244 8446

Please book your places and Dining requirements with the Secretaries as detailed above. All Master Masons and Past Masters who are not members of the Royal Arch are cordially invited to attend.


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