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Mentoring Introduction

Welcome to the Mentoring section of our website. This section is maintained by the Provincial Grand Mentor and it is hoped it will be useful for those with an interest in mentoring, in particular all Lodge and Personal mentors operating within the Province.

Whilst you are welcome to browse and explore, for your convenience the most relevant pages have been linked from the introductory paragraphs below.

  • The Provincial Grand Lodge of Worcestershire's Mentoring Policy is essential reading for all mentors, as it defines our mentoring strategy, and describes the roles and responsibilities of those responsible for its implementation.
  • To give the Provincial Grand Mentor oversight of initiatives taking place within individual Lodges, the Provincial Grand Lodge of Worcestershire requests that every Lodge submit a Lodge Mentor's Annual Return with its Provincial Annual Return. This important document also allows the Provincial Grand Mentor to identify Lodges that require his assistance and support; he is also likely to identify good practice that will be shared for the benefit of others.
  • As the office of Mentor is now official and detailed in the Book of Constitutions, Lodges are strongly encouraged to appoint a Mentor at their annual installation meeting. It is hoped that the ritual associated with the investiture of a Lodge Mentor, together with the assignment of a Personal Mentor to his mentee, will be adopted by every Lodge in the Province.
  • The Provincial Grand Mentor has published guidance and a list of associated resources that may be consulted by those looking for further detailed information on mentoring. They are particularly relevant to Lodge Mentors wanting to develop and implement mentoring programmes within their own Lodges. He also maintains a blog and Twitter feed, which are used to share news and information in a timely manner.

The Provincial Grand Mentor can be contacted by email. (Alternative contact details are listed in the Worcestershire Masonic Year Book.) Correspondence is most welcome and will be treated in the strictest confidence.

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