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Mentoring Guidance

The following guidance is provided to support Lodge and Personal Mentors operating throughout the Province.

  • The Lodge Mentor's Guide is relevant to all those involved in mentoring and in particular to those who are new to office. It defines ten topics that a new Lodge Mentor should consider before starting work, and that will assist him to develop and implement a mentoring programme in his Lodge.
  • The Personal Development Guide is a recommended programme of study that should be followed by all Personal Mentors. This guide may be used as presented, or modified by Lodge Mentors to comply with their own mentoring programmes. (Please contact the Provincial Grand Mentor if you require a copy of this document in Microsoft Word format.) Used in conjunction with Masonic Foundations below, it is intended that the Personal Development Guide will be held and maintained by the Personal Mentor, and used as a check-list of topics for discussion.
  • Masonic Foundations defines a series of activities that encourage a new member to discover more about Freemasonry, and in doing so allow him to identify those aspects of the Craft that appeal to him the most. Used in conjunction with the Personal Development Guide above, these activities will be completed by the new member with the support of his Lodge and Personal Mentors.
  • A Frequently Asked Questions paper presents a series of questions and answers that a Freemason is likely to be asked by family, friends and colleagues. Being able to give accurate answers to genuine questions will allow us all to become 'Ambassadors for Freemasonry'.

All these documents are published in the Mentoring Archive.

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